任何在学校工作的人, New Year’s Day falls not on January 1 but rather sometime in early September. This is a sentiment that many Carroll faculty and staff have shared over the years. As the campus comes alive at the start of a new school year, there is a palpable sense of excitement. 教师们带着全新的活力来到校园, rejuvenated with stories of summer adventures and eager to meet a new class of 学生. 

在学生返回之前, Carroll faculty start the new year with a week of professional development training, 团队会议, 还有时间准备他们的教室空间. 然而,卡罗尔对教师入职培训的关注还不止于此. New faculty and staff return a few days earlier for New Employee Orientation. A cornerstone event during this specialized training is the Carroll Alumni and Alumni Parents panel. This panel has been a hallmark of New Teacher/工作人员 Orientation for many years. It is designed so new faculty and staff can hear firsthand about: what it’s like to find out you’re dyslexic; how Carroll has affected the lives of its families and changed the way kids think about themselves; what 学生 feel is the most important thing they learned at Carroll; and, 校友觉得哪些建议对即将上任的教职员工最有利.

苏金曼, 下学长, 说, "Consistently new teachers rate the alumni panel as the most impactful to their understanding of the phrase 如果不是卡罗尔."

Probably one of the easiest jobs at Carroll is pulling together an impactful alumni/alumni parent panel. 我们有一大堆不仅愿意参与的人, 但他们要求有机会与老师分享他们的见解, 父母, 学生, 等. 今年的评委包括了Sophie Lucontoni '20, Michael Lucontoni P ' 20, 苏菲·埃尔姆斯19年, Linn Elmes P ' 19, 诺艾尔·安德森20年, DeDe Anderson P ' 20, 迪伦道奇'12, 尼利道奇P ' 12, 埃文·盖奇'20, 还有钱德勒·吉尔班,19年. 在一个清晰的, 精神, 情感, 周到的方式, our alums and 父母 told stories of their personal Carroll journey and shared incredibly valuable “insider” insights.

Common themes included the powerful role teachers play in boosting 学生’ confidence and 宣传. It was clear that the special connection families make with Carroll—that sense of belonging, 被看到和听到——创造了一个让学生茁壮成长的环境. 以下是专家小组的几句至理名言:


“啦啦队和认可是有区别的. 确认是‘我知道这很难,我也知道这对你来说有多难.’啦啦队就是‘你能行的. 我相信你.’  It sounds great except that the kid can't believe it because they don't believe in themselves. When Carroll teachers tell 学生 that they see them and they see how hard it is for 学生, 这有很大的不同.“Sophie Elmes’19


“我们听说卡罗尔改变了我们的生活,的确如此. We didn’t notice how low his self-esteem had become until after he started Carroll. 突然之间,‘哦,这就是我们记忆中的那个孩子.’ It’s life changing for the kids, but also for the family and the home-school relationship.“尼利道奇P'12


我带走的最大的东西是自信. I was nervous about going to a school with typical learners but I noticed quickly that I had the skills I learned at Carroll that I could apply in real time. You don’t even really realize the strategies when you’re learning them here, 比如一个图形整理器真的可以帮我写一篇10页的论文. The self 宣传 that I learned here, I notice my peers don’t really have that skill. To know it’s okay to reach out to teachers to ask for help is a reason I’ve been able to succeed.“钱德勒·吉尔班19年

One of our new faculty 说 it best, "It's one thing to hear about Carroll's impact....it's another thing to hear the stories—to feel like I am a part of something bigger than my classroom from the first day I arrive."



本学年, eight Grade 4 学生 are piloting the use of a large-scale building kit known as Rigamajig, originally developed for New York City’s High Line Park by toy designer Cas Holman. The kit—filled with 每一个 imaginable type of building material—is designed to encourage collaborative, 亲自动手的, 无限制的玩. But when Head of School Renée Greenfield first ran the idea by Carroll teachers last summer, 英国正版365官方网站 science teacher Kelly Sampar and 英国正版365官方网站 speech language pathologist Jen Amos immediately honed in on a secondary benefit: building communication skills.


11月23日, Carroll was abuzz as alumni descended upon the 林肯 campus for the 2022 Homecoming celebration. There was a palpable sense of excitement as classmates reunited with each other. 虽然庆祝活动是在体育馆举行的, 校友们喜欢在校园里闲逛, 沉浸在回忆中, 加入一些疯狂的动作, 最重要的是, 拜访老师.


在卡罗尔完全创造一种善良和同理心的文化, we embolden our 学生 to volunteer and give back to the community inside and outside of our campus walls. 通过提供慈善捐赠的机会——在他们的时间里, 宣传, or donations—our hope is that 学生 will be motivated to continue this important work throughout their lifetime. 这是我们今年校园里的情况.


英国正版365官方网站长期以来一直是教师培训的领导者, and in providing intensive professional development focused on meeting the needs of 学生 with learning differences. Carroll’s mission to equip and support educators doesn’t end there, however. 我们想让这些机会不仅仅是现成的, 但对各个种族的教育工作者更具包容性, 文化, 和背景.


The Maureen McGuire Myers Endowment Fund for 教师 Professional Development opens the doors for our faculty to discover all the different things “professional development” can mean.


卡罗尔是一所地理范围很广的学校. This creates challenges for families who want to get to know and spend time with other families—new friends who might live a few towns away, 在他们的街道上. The Parents’ Association helps facilitate these relationships for Carroll families… and helps 父母 give back to the educators who have changed their lives.


Carroll's attention to onboarding new faculty and staff is most closely witnessed during the week/s before school starts. In addition to joining returning faculty in professional development trainings and 团队会议, 新员工参加新员工培训. A cornerstone event during this specialized training is the Carroll Alumni and Alumni Parents panel. 阅读一下为什么它如此强大.


在卡罗尔,围成一圈并不是什么新鲜事. 我们的教育者使用圆圈来为学生们创造一个安全的倾听空间, 参与, 并在一天中进行互动. 今年,我们在卡罗尔更加注重圆圈工作.